Automatic faucets

Infrared automatic faucet is electronic and touchless.

Supratech offers innovative solutions to manage and protect our more precious ressource…water

Wide range including the wall mounted infrared faucet and the electronic deck mounted faucet, the automatic soap dispenser, electronic urinal controls and for toilet, the shower sensor triggering


  • Reduce the using time to the minimum: an automatic closing faucet in public facilities allows to drastically decrease water consumption, water only flows during cleaning time
  • Optimized hygiene: the touchless activation avoid the germs spreading. Without contact the unit stays clean longer.
  • Design and modern technology improves your sanitory space
  • Comfort to use
  • Vandal resistant
  • Our brand "Lead free" faucets do not exceed an average of 0.25% lead content, to ensure pure drinking water supply.
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • ISO9001-certified manufacturing


washbasin-frame-touch-free-faucet-soap-dispenser touchless-wall-mounted-faucets-water-soap-TUBULAR
NEW: Wash basin support frame with automatic water and soap faucet integrated.
The 100% solution hygienic and ergonomic to wash hands. Easy to install and robust.