Kitchen faucets

Kitchen faucets for a professional or residential use are combining a mixer kitchen mixing-valve tap and a touch-free electronic washbasin faucet.

High elegant rotative spout, adapted to everyday kitchen; over more for containers filling. With one single lever, you can easily control the water flow and temperature.

Electronic sensor faucet: you just ended cleaning vegetables and now you want to prepare a dessert. Between that: You wanna washing hands quickly? The touch-free mode hugely facilitates hands washing, and without touching or dirtying the faucet.

To avoid an accidentally starting of the faucet, the detection must be activated with its proximity sensor. After that, the faucet put automatically the mode"object recognition" which allows a comfortable and practical hands washing.

For hotels, kitchens, canteens and any other place where functionality and hygiene are important; contactless, hygienic.

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Robinet électronique de cuisine VIVA

VIVA Kitchen touch free faucet

high-pressure kitchen tap with swivel...

Voir notre produit Réf. REW-01
Sales price: 954,00 €
Sales price without tax: 795,00 €

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Robinet automatique de cuisine PUREA

PUREA Kitchen electronic tap

kitchen electronic faucet with free...

Voir notre produit Réf. REW-05
Sales price: 978,00 €
Sales price without tax: 815,00 €

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Robinet automatique de cuisine H10

H10 Automatic kitchen faucet

kitchen tap with infrared detection and...

Voir notre produit Réf. REA-800
Sales price: 678,00 €
Sales price without tax: 565,00 €

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