TOUCH temporized range

A simple touch is enough to activate water! Automatic stop
Great comfort to use, even for kids, elderly persons…
No vandalism risks

The TOUCH range is an electronic temporized pushing button version.


Simple contact working, benefiting the proven piezo technology.

- Easy simple touch activation
- Superior water savings
- precise and regular water flow
- Inviolable invisible mechanism

Stable and regular water flow, electronically managed by a solenoid valve. This ensures a constant and perfectly temporized water debit; by default, the time flow will be 8 seconds for all the faucet lifetime.  

Furthermore economies, allowing a better water conservation
The faucet has an advanced function "ON-OFF" which allows to stop the cycle before its end. When the user does not want to use the faucet anymore, he just has to touch the Piezo button while water flows and it stops water automatically. It allows an add water saving and reduce utilization costs.

Economies reducing maintenance costs
The faucet is barely sensitive to tartar and dirt contained in water, reducing drastically costs maintenance.

A vandal resistance higher degree.
The faucet has no external mobile part. The user touches the top of the brass faucet to activate water inlet. Furthermore, by default, the TOUCH range prevents the continuous use. No mobile part or accessible, and impossibility to let the water flow activated, bringing a very high vandal resistant degree.
Easy to activate by simple contact
The simple contact triggering, no efforts, the TOUCH range is usable for everybody with the same comfort.

The TOUCH range allows to adjust the water flow without disassembly
The TOUCH range allows to adjust the flow time without water supply cut. Temporization is managed electronically and is independent from all the pieces linked to the water network. Wich reduces importantly maintenance time and leakage risks...

BLUE TOUCH RANGE: Luminous with led color rings!
Fix light, the LEDs are flashing during the water flow




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