ZOOM Ceramic automatic urinal

automatic urinal with a radar flushing unit, without manual contact
Réf. S35RZ
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Urinoir à déclenchement invisible automatique ZOOMUrinoir à déclenchement invisible automatique ZOOM
Sales price: 636,00 €
Sales price without tax: 530,00 €
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SLD04 remote control option

Transformer housing option


Ceramic automatic urinal ZOOM with invisible detection

Aesthetical solution. System fully recessed, vandal resistant out of range no possible user's access.

Quick and cost-effective installation, everything is integrated into the urinal.

Maximal reliability, out of siphon system for a long lasting lifetime.



-       1 L economical flush

-       Easy to assembly with the delivered dimensions

-       Flush activation only when the urinal is used (take into consideration the water and urine movement)

-       Adjustable flush duration from 0,5 to 15,5 sec.

-       Minimum use duration before the triggering adjustable from 6 to 15 sec.

-       Adjustable parameters by SLD04 remote control (no need to disassemble the urinal):
        flush duration, sensibility, use time before flush, ON/OFF, reset, periodic intervals flushs

-       Automatic flush after 6 H without use

-       possibility to adjust the flow by a stop valve

-       Siphon water refill after each flush

-      5 years electronical guarantee, other components 2 years guarantee


Technical Specifications:

- 6 V batterry power supply (4 x alkalines batteries 1,5V AA included), mains connected 230 V or 230/24V external transformer

- 6 V Consumption= 1,4 W, 24 V = 10 W

- Pressure 1 – 6 bar

- 12 L/mn flow

- M½" threaded water inlet, 50 mm water discharge

- Dim. L305 x H535 x P340 mm