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Brass nipple M1''/F 1 1/2'' with shut off valveSupport frame for hung WC with VENUS XS electronic flush valve integrated

Concealed electronic flushing system for cistern, touch free

concealed electronic flushing system for cistern, touch-free, to maximize hygiene 24H duty flush
Réf. DWR-01
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Réservoir dissimulé activé par détection infrarougeRéservoir WC à déclenchement sans contact manuel
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Concealed touch-free electronic flushing system cistern
Automatic flush mechanism passing the hand at a short distance from the infrared detection range

- Double flush volume option with 2 detections: 1 complete 6 liters flush detection and 1 detection 3 liters half flush (or 4.5 and 3 L).

- Pre-flush in option.

- Periodic flush 72 H after the last use. This function optimizes hygiene and prevents from bacteria spreading and unpleasant odors development.

- Adjustable parameters by remote control RES-31: flush duration, activation delay, 24 H anti-legionella periodic rinse.


- To assemble in a furniture or hidden behind a wall. Contributes to sanitary spaces hygiene, clean and water savings. Suitable for Persons with Reduced Mobility.

- Flashing light on the detection indicates ongoing refill, operational system once the refill is over.

- Simple and quick installation.

- Top and side access.

- 230/12 V 2.5 A IP68.Transformer

- Recommended pressure 0.2-20 bar.

- Cistern body in high-density polyethylene.

- Chromed brass detection.

- 2 years guarantee. CE.