HYGISEAT Automatic self-cleaning toilet with SaniAir odour extraction system

Efficient system against unpleasant washroom smells
Réf. SUP 1570
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Toilettes autonettoyantes avec aspiration des odeurs HYGISEAT SaniAirWC hygiénique HYGISEAT SaniAir avec aspiration des mauvaises odeurs
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HYGISEAT Automatic WC SaniAir for optimal sanitary hygiene

Simple, reliable, robust

• Works by detection, avoid any germs transmission by hands. Includes a double detection: intentional triggering by hand approach or at the user's departure.

• Seat rotation: cleaning, disinfecting and drying for seat hygiene, no parts in contact with the user's skin.

• Automatic water flush – 12 seconds cycle time

• 230/12V by external transformer


Automatic person detection

WITHOUT FILTER, unpleasant odour suction system directly to the source in the bowl, to evacuate in the waste-water pipes.


Reduce ambient humidity and aerosol flush effect spreading bacterias.

Economic and  ecologic

Provides effective toilet ventilation preserving the heat usually losted in the ceiling aspiration system.

No maintenance, no consumable, no battery refill.


Temporized odour suction for an effective unpleasant odour aspiration.

9V or 12V power supply depending on the volumetric air suction choice.





Installation on concealed support frame GEBERIT/HYGISEAT

Colour selection according to the RAL palette

3 years parts warranty

DIMENSIONS    Dim. H 820 x L 410 x P 535 mm




Customers and staff will appreciate the attention to their well-being!