HYGISEAT self cleaning toilet


intelligent-WC-hygiseat        Made in France

HYGISEAT-self-cleaning-toilet-colors-stainless-steel… FREE TOUCH!
is particularly recommanded in areas such as restaurants, hotels, campings, public washrooms, healthcare, companies… all the place concerned by hygiene and communities toilet maintenance. Economic and easy to use, HYGISEAT™ ensures all day long user's satisfaction, reflecting your institution quality.

Automatic: washes, disinfect and dryes the seat after every uses; flush triggering;
                        = cycle time 12 seconds.
no germs spreading by hands and insures hygiene comfort sitting, parts in contact with the user's skin. 
Aestetical: thanks its different versions floor standing or hung, white, color or stainless steel. HYGISEAT hung version hiddens all the technical elements (plumbing, electricity, fixations...) and protect from vandalism. Easy for floor cleaning.

NEW: Odours aspirations on hung version

Unique on communities hygiene market, with thousands of references, HYGISEAT is recognized for its reliable system, robustess and ergonomic.                          




 video-hygiseatSUP1500 demonstration video


WC HYGISEAT HYGISEAT self cleaning automatic WC demonstration       HYGISEAT OPTION PULVERISATIONWC blue foaming product option

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Nettoyant Biologique HYGISEAT

Box of 18 Organic Cleaning products for HYGISEAT

Box of 18 Organic Cleaning products for...

Voir notre produit Réf. SUP 1085
Sales price: 83,40 €
Sales price without tax: 69,50 €

Product details

Produit désinfectant Germibloc pour WC HYGISEAT

Disinfectant Germibloc product

Box of 4 disinfectant Germibloc product

Voir notre produit Réf. SUP 1090
Sales price: 62,40 €
Sales price without tax: 52,00 €

Product details

Habillage stratifié du bâti-support GEBERIT/HYGISEAT

Post formed laminated support frame covering option

Post formed laminated support frame...

Voir notre produit Réf. SUP 1060
Sales price: 750,00 €
Sales price without tax: 625,00 €

Product details

Plaque de commande chasse manuelle GEBERIT HYGISEAT

Manual flush control

for HYGISEAT wall hung...

Voir notre produit Réf. SUP 1056
Sales price: 148,80 €
Sales price without tax: 124,00 €

Product details


GEBERIT Support frame for HYGISEAT

Support frame for HYGISEAT hung...

Voir notre produit Réf. SUP 1055
Sales price: 510,00 €
Sales price without tax: 425,00 €

Product details

WC hygiénique automatique HYGISEAT inox suspendu PMR

HYGISEAT Stainless steel wall hung self-cleaning toilet extended for PRM

Stainless steel wall hung self-cleaning...

Voir notre produit Réf. SUP 1106
Sales price: 3756,00 €
Sales price without tax: 3130,00 €

Product details

WC suspendu inox HYGISEAT autonettoyant

HYGISEAT Stainless steel wall hung self-cleaning toilet

HYGISEAT stainless steel toilet robust...

Voir notre produit Réf. SUP 1100
Sales price: 3468,00 €
Sales price without tax: 2890,00 €

Product details

WC suspendu automatique HYGISEAT

HYGISEAT wall hung Classic version

HYGISEAT wall hung Classic version...

Voir notre produit Réf. SUP 1050
Sales price: 1668,00 €
Sales price without tax: 1390,00 €

Product details

Cuvette WC au sol rehaussée PMR autonettoyante HYGISEAT

HYGISEAT self-cleaning floor standing enhanced toilet for people with reduced mobility

with cleaning ,disinfection and seat...

Voir notre produit Réf. SUP 1020
Sales price: 2022,00 €
Sales price without tax: 1685,00 €

Product details

WC autonettoyant HYGISEAT version au sol

HYGISEAT floor-standing self-cleaning toilet

HYGISEAT floor-standing self-cleaning...

Voir notre produit Réf. SUP 1000
Sales price: 1902,00 €
Sales price without tax: 1585,00 €

Product details

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