HYGISEAT Stainless steel wall hung self-cleaning toilet

HYGISEAT stainless steel toilet robust for sites exposed to vandalism
Réf. SUP 1100
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WC suspendu inox HYGISEAT autonettoyantWC suspendu inox HYGISEAT autonettoyant
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Double detection option


HYGISEAT Stainless steel wall hung self-cleaning toilet

Stainless steel quality AISI 304 thickness 1.5 mm

AUTOMATIC TOILETS with free touch cleaning cycle triggering, disinfection, seat drying and water flush after each use.

Double detection option = cycle triggering at the user's departure or by passing the hand.

Seat rotation cycle: pressured cleaning water supply mixed with disinfecting Germibloc, seat drying.

Cycle time: 12 seconds


HYGISEAT-stainless-steel-self-cleaning-toiletTotal safety
• 12 volts power supply by a 230/12V external transformer.
• Direct stop of the device in case of irregular motion
• Manual flush button in case of power failure.
• CE

On request:
- Fixation through the wall by threaded rods M10 on bearing walls, with deported tank in the utility tunnel
- Odour suction system SaniAir

Installation on support frame and hidden tank GEBERIT/HYGISEAT

3 years parts warranty.




Hygiseat system advantages:

- Eliminates contacts with dirt seat.
- Eliminates contacts with flush control.
- Reduce smells and ensure public washrooms sanitary conditions.
- Reduce maintenance time and costs.
- Ergonomic shape retention, without gripping points and easy maintenance; specially designed for
  projections to the seat ensuring a perfect hygiene, without bacterias spreadings.
- Waterproof sensor cell (100 immerged hours at 65° C), IP 67, immune to vibration and electrical perturbations, insensitive to luminous interference.
- Robust for sites exposed to vandalism, intensive use, and easy maintenance.