HYGISEAT wall hung Classic version

HYGISEAT wall hung Classic version...
Réf. SUP 1050
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WC suspendu automatique HYGISEATWC suspendu autonettoyant HYGISEAT
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Double detection option


Colour option


HYGISEAT self-cleaning toilet wall hung Classic version


AUTOMATIC TOILET with free touch cleaning cycle triggering, disinfection, seat drying and water flush after each use.

Seat rotation cycle: pressured cleaning water suplly mixed with disinfecting Germibloc, seat drying.

Cycle time: 12 seconds

 HYGISEAT-wall-hung-classic-versionTotal safety:
• 12 volts power supply by 230/12V external transformer.
• Direct stop of the device in case of irregular motion
• Manual flush button in case of power failure.
• CE

 WC HYGISEAT HYGISEAT automatic self-cleaning toilet movie

Installation: support frame and concealed tank GEBERIT/HYGISEAT

3 years parts warranty.

DIMENSIONS  Dim. H 810 x L 415 x D 550 mm



Ref. SUP 1065: double detection option (passing the hand or user departure)
Seat cleaning triggering and flush by hand approach OR AUTOMATIC cycle triggering after the user's departure


Ref. SUP 1080: blue spreading product option in the bowl, foaming, scale inhibitor and cleaning at the user arrival. Included SUP 1065.
HYGISEAT OPTION PULVERISATION Blue foaming product option

Ref. SUP 1070: SaniAir odour extraction system option. Without filter, efficient odour extraction system directly to the source in the bowl to evacuate in the waste-water pipes. Allows to reduce the ambient humidity and to fight against the aerosol flush effect spreading bacterias. Insuring the toilet ventilation and preserving the heat usually losted in the ceiling aspiration system. Includes SUP 1065. Not available with option SUP1080.

option SUP1080.

Ref. SUP 1095: option colurs (according the RAL palette)
Up to 3 colours = Cover / Seat / Ceramic*
*Cover in composite materials on the outside ceramic: colour in the immutable mass + vandal resistant (protect the ceramic from shocks!)



HYGISEAT-black-public-toilet                            wc-couleurs-hygienique-HYGISEAT


Hygiseat system advantages:

- Eliminates contacts with dirt seat.
- Eliminates contacts with flush control.
- Reduce smells and insure publicwashrooms sanitory conditions.
- Reduce maintenance time and costs.
- Ergonomical shape retention, without gripping points and easy maintenance; specially designed for
  projections to the seat insuring a perfect hygiene, without bacterias spreadings.
- Waterproof sensor cell (100 immerged hours at 65° C), IP 67, immune to vibration and electrical perturbations,  insensitive to luminous interference.
- Robust for sites exposed to vandalism, intensive use and easy maintenance















Made on request from a picture according your desire.

Exemple up here painted by François Pagé, painter.
White ceramic, hung version only. Rotative seat ABS. Composite materials cover. Set inclusion colourless polyurethane varnish.