Stainless steel circular wash trough


Circular washtrough in stainless steel are combining up to 8 washbasin in one single device, wich allows to realize water savings taps, fittings and work.
Its robust, efficient, vandalproof.
The direct water outlet avoid stagnant water in the bowl.

Facilitated group users'movement
Easy access for wheelchairs
Electronic, pushing button faucets or foot operated
1,9L/mn flow spout or water film for important traffic
Circular, semi-circular or angled model
Shortcut base for children (678 mm)
Enhanced model (950 mm)

Fontaine enfant


Functionality , durability and minimal maintenance
Outstanding water and energy savings
Robustness and vandalproof


Montage lavabo fontaine


Very appropriate for: Hospitals, schools, industry, food sector… …
Accesible and comfortable use for People with Reduced Mobility



Very appropriate for: Hospitals, schools, industry, food sector…

The passive detection sensor and the low consumption components selection allows the use of a 9 V lithium battery faucet. This battery delivers enought energy to insure the system operation for about 8 years, if you use it 4000 times/ a month. No electrical fittings.

Easy to install
One single plumbing connection is enough to install a circular wash fountain, contrary to individual faucet installation

Reduced Footprint
Circular washbasin takes less more space than a serie of traditional washbasins and allows an easy circulation.


Electric version
Touchless water and soap dispense. The no touch water and soap dispense system, prevents from any contacts with the sanitory system, avoiding any contamination danger and germs spreading. This design guarantees an irreproachable sanitory cleanliness equipment.


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Circular stainless steel wash fountains

Functional stainless steel hand...

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