The automatically hygienic WC !

Automatic start of cleansing cycle by hand movement over the detector
By detection user's departure
Pre-use spray of the bowl with blue foaming cleanser on user arrival in the bowl

( Ceramic suspended WC's only)
Variable Illuminating Taps

Contact :

Hygiseat le Wc intelligent sans contact manuel
The Hygiseat TM system is specifically designed for use in restaurants, hotels, services centers and the workplace… Anywhere restroom sanitation and upkeep is a concern.

Hygiseat provides an easy and economic solution to the problems of hygiene in toilets and highlights an establishment by the quality of the services at the disposition of the clientele and personnel.

The Self-Cleaning Toilet !

ROTATION cycle of the seat :
The seat is washed disinfected and dried after each use in 12 seconds.
Super water resistant detection cell (100 hours immersed @ 65° C), IP 67, insensitive to vibrations & power cuts, insensitive to luminous interference.

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