TOUCH temporized range

A simple touch is enough to activate the water! Automatic stop
Great comfort to use, even for kids, elderly people…
No vandalism risks

The TOUCH range is an electronic temporized pushing button version.


It works by a simple contact, benefiting from the proven Piezo technology.

- Easy simple touch activation
- Great saving in water
- Precise and regular water flow
- Inviolable invisible mechanism

Stable and regular water flow, electronically managed by a solenoid valve. This ensures a constant and perfectly temporized water debit; by default, the time flow will be 8 seconds for the taps lifetime.  

Further savings, allowing a better water conservation
The tap has an advanced function "ON-OFF" which allows to stop the cycle before its end. When the user does not want to use the taps any more, he just has to touch the Piezo button whilst the water is flowing and it stops the water automatically. It allows extra water savings and reduces usage costs.

Save on maintenance costs
The tap is barely sensitive to lime scale and dirt contained in the water, reducing drastically maintenance costs.

A great vandal resistance to the highest degree
The tap has no external moving part. The user touches the top of the brass tap to activate water inlet. Furthermore, by default, the TOUCH range prevents the continuous use. No moving part is accessible, and impossible to definitely block the water flow, bringing a very high resistance to vandal.

Easy to activate by simple contact
The simple contact, triggers the water flow using no effort, which makes the TOUCH range usable for everybody with the same comfort.

The TOUCH range allows the water flow to be adjusted without being dismounted
The TOUCH range allows the flow time to be adjusted without cutting off the water supply. Temporization is managed electronically and is independent from all the parts linked to the water system. This reduces grandly maintenance time and leakage risks...

BLUE TOUCH RANGE: Luminous with led colour rings!
Still light, the LED only flash during the water flow.