Photo Coin operated timer or stainless steel Euro coin for shower SA-03M
  • Miniature-0 Coin operated timer or stainless steel Euro coin for shower SA-03M

Shower change machine for tokens or coins Euros

to control shower usage in collective spaces


€990.00 pre-tax price

Tax excluded
Operation timer function

Individual change machine for showers wall mounted for 1 or 2 € coins, or tokens

Opening the solenoid valve ordered by a coin or token.

With lock.

The change machine cumulates coins but doesn't give money back.

Heavy duty.

Hygienic rinse.  

30 seconds before the end of the timer, the user is warned by a brief water stop.


Two types of operation:

1 - Direct control= the water runs a few seconds after inserting coins for a fixated length (adjustable 0 - 255 sec)

2 - Interactive control = the user opens himself the water flow on the shower tap.

Installation with shower faucets equipped with a sensitive piezo set-off button.

Flow time deducted during the faucet opening, with a maximum user time of 4 minutes (these 4 minutes includes coin insertion time and the water starting to run).

4 minutes limited factory set, to not block other users, in case of them not using the whole time paid by the user (adjustable by remote control).

Electrical supply
Transformador 230/24V
Stainless steel quality AISI 304 bacteriostatic
Stainless steel thickness
1 mm
To be specified when orderning
Operation settings
Ajustables par télécommande SLD05 : durée d'écoulement, rinçage périodique, durée rinçage périodique, marche-arrêt
W120 x D135 x H230 mm
Electronic 5 years

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