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Air purifier AIRCARE

eliminates unpleasant odours


€795.00 pre-tax price

Tax excluded

A frightening effectiveness for the deodorization and decontamination of your wash rooms!

The AirCare is particularly adapted to confined spaces or places with a lot of passage such as wash rooms, changing rooms, corridors, local waste or dirty laundry rooms.

With its easy installation and advanced technology, the device ensures an outstanding effectiveness whatever the configuration of the site.
The AirCare purifies, disinfects and deodorizes. Wall mounted or installation on a ceiling is activated or deactivated with an included maintenance key, limiting deliberate handling.





Air treatment and disinfection

No filter, or cartridge to replace...
Can work 24h/24, 7d/7 without a break.
> Low energy consumption (16W/h about 6€ electricity a year).
> Low maintenance requested: a lamp change once a year and a regular grid clean.

The Aircare has to be fixed on a wall and placed up high, ideally placed next to an incoming air flow and distant from an out coming air flow.


Electrical supply
230/12V 1,5A
16 W (around 6€ per year)
Wall or ceiling
Sound level
36.5 dB
Output volume
7 to 25 m² (depending on local dimensions, pollution level, air renewal rate)
Relatif humidity
between 0 and 90 % non condensing
Operating range
between -20°C and +40°C
960 g
W401 x D131 x H91 mm

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