Photo Collective wash basin stainless steel with consoles integrated INTER-5-60
  • Miniature-0 Collective wash basin stainless steel with consoles integrated INTER-5-60
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Collective wash basin in stainless steel INTER-5

Collective wash trough for intensive use on exposed sites


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Faucet hole

Collective wash basin  in stainless steel quality AISI 304

- Accessible PRM from the width 100 cm.
- Robot welded without any corner groove, avoiding bacteria proliferation.
- Interior corners on the length of the wash basin > 90° to ease cleaning.
- Flat bottom which allows to place a 15L bucket .
- Under wash basin without edges for dust, hygienic.
- Space 80 mm for faucets with wash basin H40 mm (convenient also for wall faucets).
- Tank depth 142 mm. Central perforated drainage grid 1 1/2" (standard plug on demand).
- Easy and quick to instal by 4 point fixation.
- Compliant EN14296 on the resistance to charge sanitary devices.

Angle-adouci Bonde emboutie sans retenue Soudure robotisée lavabo-seau Option grille inox relevable support ou égouttoir
Soften corners to avoid getting hurt in case of any shock Stamped plug without holding back or screw for hygiene and easy clean High quality soldering. Interior corners higher than 90° Space sufficient for a bucket  Option grid stainless steel lifting support or rack


  • Exceptionally light and solid in comparison with collective wash basins in ceramic and fine grey.
  • Stainless steel is resistant and doesn't break in case of shock = resistant to vandalism + security.
  • Hygienic. Biological inert + smooth surface and non-porous = easy to clean and minimal risk of bacteria development.
  • Durable. Excellent resistant to oxidation and corrosion = life lasting.
  • Ecological. 100 % recyclable, contributing to requirements to the standards HQE.

The stainless steel by their held on chrome, which provides a remarkable resistance to corrosion and wear and tear (the surface film « liability»). Chromed stainless steel type 441 doesn't make any exception, and is used with success in important applications such as sinks, washing machine drum, exhaust systems


  • Faucet hole Ø 22 or 35 mm
  • Custom made (deliverable to the centimetre up to max 3 m).
  • Backsplash H 292 mm
  • Pair of feet stainless steel (Ref. INTER-P2)
  • Stainless steel lifting grid.
  • S-trap in brass for drainage 1 1/2'', dismounted base (outlet 40x49 with nut). Ref. BS-12.
  • Concealed stainless steel s-trap.
Stainless steel quality AISI 304 bacteriostatic
Stainless steel thickness
Sides 1,5 mm - tank 1 mm
1 1/2''
Wall mounted
W600 x D474 x H197 mm
W600 x D474 x H197 mm
W1000 x D474 x H197 mm
W1200 x D474 x H197 mm
W1400 x D474 x H197 mm
W1500 x D474 x H197 mm
W1800 x D474 x H197 mm
W2000 x D474 x H197 mm
W2100 x D474 x H197 mm
W2400 x D474 x H197 mm
W2800 x D474 x H197 mm
W3000 x D474 x H197 mm

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