Photo Automatic modern faucet top of the range ALLURE DS RES-171
  • Miniature-0 Automatic modern faucet top of the range ALLURE DS RES-171
  • Miniature-1 ALLURE DS touchless curved design tap with automatic soap dispenser RES-171
  • Miniature-2 Automatic washbasin faucet ALLURE DS, water and soap set RES-171
  • Miniature-3 Automatic soap and water faucets ALLURE DS design matching RES-171
  • Miniature-4 Electronic faucet with invisible detection ALLURE DS RES-171

Electronic faucet ALLURE DS

Comfort: very reactive short detection, the water pours when hands are near the detection !


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Automatic faucet ALLURE DS with infrared detection embedded in the end of the spout, for a clearer and refined aesthetic.
Other advantage, a quicker and more efficient detection.


Combines touch free water and soap taps,

for a perfect hygiene

and  perfect aesthetic !

Robinet électronique lavabo design ALLURE DS eau et savon


Infrared auto-adjustable embedded in the tip of the spout
Electrical supply
Transformer 230/9V or Alkaline battery 9V
Security off
After 90 seconds without interruption (adjustable)
Solenoid valve
External M1/2'' with filter
Chrome brass
Water supply
For cold water or pre-mixed
0.3 - 8 bars
Max. temperature eligible
Flow rate
4 LPM. (on demand 1,9 LPM.)
Operation settings
Adjustable by remote control RES-31 : Detection sensitivity, flow time, interval rinse, temporary off...
3 years. CE. ACS.

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