Photo ONE 2in1 faucet with automatic water tap and soap dispenser RES-57
  • Miniature-0 ONE 2in1 faucet with automatic water tap and soap dispenser RES-57
  • Miniature-1 ONE 2in1 touchless water and integrated soap tap RES-57
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Automatic 2in1 tap ONE

a pure design, easy to use and install...


€450.00 pre-tax price

Tax excluded
Option 6L tank integrated

Combines water and soap, the 2 in 1 ONE tap sublimes your sink by its elegance and its simplicity for a touch free use.

With its 35° refined curves, the concealed detection directly in the end of the spout and the soap accessible nearby the water, offers a comfortable and hygienic hand wash.

Another strong point, its quick single hole installation saves on space: avoids drilling a second hole, particularly useful on ceramic or renovation.

- For cold or premixed water.
- Powered by 9V battery or 230/9V transformer.
   Low energy consumption, batteries last around 2 years or 250 000 cycles. Indicator light when batteries need charging.
- On the transformer version, double electric supply solenoid valve with the space for a backup battery in the case of a power cut.
- Temporary off after 90 seconds of the water running non-stop.
- Adjustable settings by remote control RES-31 (detection sensitivity, drainage time, periodical rinse, temporary off...).

- Precise dose for a soap reduction consumption, stops without flow. 
- Robust brass body, chromed finish.
- 1L soap tank, with wall support.
- Power supply.

Powered by 230/12V included transformer (for battery version, please specify)

Innovative, functional, different, clean lines, made in high quality!

Robinet automatique lavabo design eau et savon ONE 2en1 Robinet électronique design lavabo avec distributeur savon ONE 2en1 Robinet sans contact design ONE 2en1 eau et savon


  • Remote control RES-31
  • Brushed, matt black, matt gold finish (minimum quantity)
  • Limited flow rate 1,9 LPM.
  • 230/12V IP 68 transformer to supply 2 taps (ref. RES-294)
  • 230/12V junction box to supply up to 5 taps (ref. RES-296)
  • 6L soap tank to supply from 1 to 6 taps
Infrared auto-adjustable embedded in the tip of the spout
Electrical supply
230/12V external transformer
1 L tank (6 L optional)
Liquid soap (viscosity 100 -3800 cPs)
0.7 to 0.9 cm³ depending on soap viscosity (adjustable by remote control)
Peristaltic pump
Security off
Solenoid valve
External M1/2'' with filter
Chrome brass
Water supply
For cold water or pre-mixed
0.3 - 8 bars
Max. temperature eligible
Flow rate
4 LPM. (on demand 1,9 LPM.)
Hygienic rinse anti-limescale
After 24 H without being used
Operation settings
Adjustable by remote control RES-31 : Detection sensitivity, flow time, interval rinse, temporary off...
3 years. CE. ACS.

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picture_as_pdf RES-57_Dim (pdf)

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