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Double high mirror unit "soap-water-air"

All in one and ready to install


€3,735.00 pre-tax price

Tax excluded
Soap version
Option led strip
Option fixed impost Height 1000 mm

Mirror unit 2 places containing automatic soap dispensers, liquid or foam, electronic water faucets with thermostatic mixing taps,
and high speed hand dryers.

- All is gathered on a stainless steel rugged plate thickness 1,5 mm.
- Chic and restrained, its concealed device brings a minimalist and functional design.
- Compact and quick instalment.


Hygiene: all functions are automatically activated by placing your hands in the sensor zone and then stops once your hands leave the zone.
A complete hand washing cycle that allows you to leave the premises in a perfect condition (avoids dirty faucets, soap marks, wet floors...).

Unit to be hung on a wall on a stainless steel support rail, only 1 electric supply to be plugged in,
water to be connected to a mixing tap and the unit is therefore operational !

7L soap tank with an easy access for the filling (foam or liquid soap).

A - Water supply on thermostatic pre-mixeur
B - Water temperature settings
C - Electrical supply
D - IP68 230/12V transformer
E - Switch
F - 7L soap tank
G - Automatic liquid or soap soap dispenser
H - Electronic faucet
I - Hand dryer
J - Lock

All components (solenoid valve, pump, sensors, transformer, shut-off valve, mixing valve…) easy to access for a quick and easy service.

Light-up pictogram (colours of choice between blue, white, red or green), vertical spouts and stainless steel nozzle on show to indicate where to place your hands.


    • Unit made out of white hydro melamine board 19mm, white PVC sides of 1mm and Komacel white door of 19 mm with mirror,
           stabilized caliper and invisible hinges.
    • Clear mirror thickness 6 mm, the back has a safety film, polished edges.
    • Soap dispenser works with a peristaltic pump for an exact soap dose. Automatically stops.
    • Thermostatic mixing tap F3/8'' for warm water at a consistent temperature and an anti-scald security.
    • Vertical faucet with infrared sensor auto-adjustable flow 6 LPM (option 1,9 LPM).
    • Security off after 90 seconds of water running without interruption.
    • Water pressure : 0.5-8 bars.
    • High speed hand dryer nominal output 1000W (low electric consumption).
    • Cold air / warm air switch. Air flow settings and sound volume.
    • 3 year warranty, soap dispenser 2 years. CE.
    • Unit dimensions standard W1200 x D250 x H800 mm. Serial installation for collective wash basins.

Mirror unit adaptable in dimensions and in the number of added parts, contact us.

pose-neuf-renovation-meuble-haut-miroir New or renovated installation


  • Water flow limited 1,9 LPM.
  • Remote control RES-30 settings for water faucet and soap dispenser
  • Paper towel dispenser
  • Choose your modules
  • Back-splash for hidden supplies under the unit
  • Mirror box H200 mm for a total unit height of 1000 mm, ref. MH caisson-haut meuble-miroir
  • Finished unit colours
  • LED banner included in the unit above and/or underneath bandeau-leds-integre
  • Only white LEDS bandeau-leds-integre
Melamine boards white hydro 19mm, plated PVC white 1mm
Supporting plate for componants in stainless steel AISI304 thickness 1,5 mm
Under unit and door in withe Komacel 19 mm
Clear mirror thickness 6 mm, back with security film, polished edges
Electrical supply
230 V 50/60Hz. 0.84 – 1 KW
Electrical insulation
Class I
Water supply
Cold and hot water
Water inlet
F 3/8''
Mural on rail in stainless steel
W1200 x H800 x D255 mm
3 years (soap dispenser 2 years)

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