Photo Recessed hand wash anti vandal automatic stainless steel 3in1  soap, water and hand dryer touch free LM-239
  • Miniature-0 Mural wash basin recessed collectivities all-in-one soap water air LM-239
  • Miniature-1 Recessed hand wash anti vandal automatic stainless steel 3in1  soap, water and hand dryer touch free LM-239
  • Miniature-2 Automatic soap dispenser, electronic faucet, hand dryer not in users reach LM-239
  • Miniature-3 Hand wash for sites exposed to vandalism soap water air, touch-free LM-239

Recessed automatic hand wash basin 3 in 1 in stainless steel

automatic touch free hand wash: soap, water and drying


€2,455.00 pre-tax price

Tax excluded

Recessed compact hand wash 3 in 1 SOAP-WATER-AIR for intensive use in public places.
Robust, compact and functional.

VANDAL-PROOF: Stainless steel manufacturing quality type AISI 304 thickness 2 mm

HYGIENE: touch free, by infrared detection, to avoid germs from spreading.

SAFETY: the user has no access to the fixations or taps, power supply and discharge hidden, fastening in the technical duct.

Stainless-steel-3-in-1-hand-washMaximum utility in a minimum space.

Front installation by the wall opening and fastening by the technical duct with 2 sliding iron angles to ensure the easy and stable installation on the wall with a thickness from 15 to 240 mm.

Maintenance, consumable refill only by the technical room

3 years limited guarantee



Registered design

Soap = vertical spout with infrared detection. Works by a peristaltic pump for liquid soap, with 1L plastic bottle easy to refill (superior capacity in option). Delivers an exact soap dose. Automatic locking without a flow.

Water = vertical spout with infrared self-adjustable detection for cold or pre-mixed water. Flow 6 LPM (other on demand). Safety stop after 90 seconds flow without a break. 0.5-8 bar – max 70°C.
Transformer 230/12V for water and soap.

Air = high speed energy saving hand dryer with infrared detection 1000 W. Air flow and sound volume adjustment. Warm or ambient air switch. Dries in less than 15 seconds.

recessed-3-in-1-washbasin-integrated-mirrorOption stainless steel integrated mirror

Self-adjusting infrared
Voltage supply
230 V 50/60Hz. 0.84 – 1 KW
Bacteriostatic AISI 304 stainless steel
Stainless steel thickness
Facade 2 mm
Mural recessed (technical duct accessible)
Rough wall opening
W610 x H740 mm
W660 x D300 x H760 mm
3 years (soap dispenser 2 years)

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