Support frame for hung WC with VENUS XS electronic flush valve integrated

support frame for hung WC with electronic flush valve integrated and vandal proof front face...
Réf. DWS-25-KE
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Bâti-support WC suspendu avec robinet chasse directe antivandalisme automatiqueBâti-support WC suspendu avec robinet chasse électronique intégrée
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Metallic support frame for hung WC, with stop valve VENUS XS integrated for direct WC flush by attendance detection, no manual contact.
Vandal-proof stainless steel front face.

VENUS XS delivers a 3 liters flush for liquid droppings and 6 liters for solid droppings.
The VENUS detection determines if the direct flush must be complete or reduced according to the attendance time: half flush for less than one minute and complete flush for more than one minute.

A 3.8 liters average by flush (estimating 3 half flush for a complete flush) reduce consumption of more than 37 % compared to a 6 liters flush.
With a reduced complete flush at 4.5L, an average of 3.37 L by flush is reached (based on a ratio of 3 reduced flush for a complete flush), saving up to 56 % of water more than a 6 L flush.
Overmore the 2 flush duration is adjustable by remote control.
Saving water and reduce your bill has never been so simple!

Overmore the 2 flush duration is adjustable by remote control.
Saving water and reduce your bill has never been so simple!


Automatic flush after each use
- Eliminates odors for non triggered flush
- No crossed contamination by contact
- Adapted to Persons with Reduced Mobility
- Improves your sanitary installation quality
- Manual button




Support frame in galvanized epoxy coated delivered ready to install with the direct flush valve and all its accessories.
- For light partition wall or solid
- Adjustable support frame height from 1140 to 1340 mm.
  Bowl fixation by 2 threaded rods M12
- Cold water connexion 1“
- Flush water pipe with junction nozzle ø 55 mm
- Helbow pipe water discharge ø 100 mm
- C support frame profile 40/40 mm.
- Galvanized adjustable foot height from 0-200 mm, rotatives.
- 400 kg static charge resistant

- Electronic triggering by infrared detection
- Stainless steel vandal-proof front face AISI 304 H220 x L180 mm
- Includes a manual flush triggering button as an alternative.
- Stop valve, solenoid valve and solenoid valve in the housing
- 230/9 V transformer power source
- Pressure 1-8 bar
- 700 mm Detection (adjustable from 300 to 800 mm)
- 7 seconds temporization, adjustable by remote control
- 24 H anti-legionella periodic rinse
- Detection range adjustable manually by remote control.
- Adjustments by RES-31 remote control: detection range, activation delay, flush duration, anti-legionella periodic rinse, temporary cessation...
- 3 years guarantee.



- RES-31 remote control
- Simple flush
- 24H anti-legionella periodic rinse
- Multiple power source transformer