Mirror unit

High mirror unit all in one and ready to install including an automatic soap dispenser liquid or foam, electronic tap with thermostatic pre-mixer and the high speed touch-free hand dryer.
Numerous possible combinations with the hand paper towel dispenser for untangled or continuous large capacity Peakserve,
automatic hand sanitizer gel, Dyson V Blade hand dryer, makeup mirror...


Mdule miroir 3en1 savon eau air

The mirror unit with its all in one equipment is the ideal solution:

  • For its comfort and hygiene: functions are automatically activated by placing your hands in the sensor area and stops when your hands are pulled away.
  • Saves on water and soap.
  • To ease the incorporation for the architect by minimizing the visual impact.
    Compact, chic and plain, its concealed equipment brings a minimalist and functional design.
  • Saves on interior spaces.
  • To ease installation and avoid needing professionals. Quick installation.
  • Easy to refill the soap and the maintenance in simplified, ready on hand!
  • For clean spaces (avoids dirty taps, soap marks, wet floors…).
  • Adaptable configuration in the unit numbers and dimensions.

Components assembled on a rugged stainless steel plate, 1,5 mm thickness. Closes by key.

Lit up pictograms (colours by choice blue, white, red or green), vertical spouts and apparent stainless steel nozzles to indicate when to place your hands in heavy traffic areas.

Module miroir 3en1 distributeur savon, robinet automatique et sèche-mains intégrés

Distributeur de savon, robinet automatique et sèche-mains intégrés derrière miroir


Module miroir pour l'hygiène des espaces sanitaires publics  installation collective

7L soap tank with an easy access for refilling (foam or liquid soap).

Remplissage savon facile pour module miroir

Easy soap service:
- without any lid to unscrew, simple flap
- without any pipes, avoids soap from leaking
- large bottle neck, filled without a funnel
- grand capacity 7L, reduces interventions

All components (solenoid valve, pump, sensors, transformers, shut-off valves, mixing valve…) easy to access for a quick and easy service.

Unit to be hung on a wall using a stainless steel suspension rail, only one electrical supply to be plugged-in, water to be connected to a mixing tap, and the unit is operational!

The concept is adaptable in different dimensions, finishes and in integrated elements, contact us.

Module 3en1 miroir tout-en-un sur lavabo Meuble-miroir-savon-seche-mains-eau-installation-multiple Module miroir pour cycle complet lavage des mains

Robinetterie et accessoires sanitaires intégrés dans meuble haut miroir Meuble miroir 3en1 design et robuste pour sanitaires collectfs Module miroir design avec pictogrammes lumineux

A few installations:

meuble-miroir-centre-commercial-ma-petite-madelaine savon-eau-air-papier-derriere-miroir-meuble-haut-collectif robinet-electronique-derriere-miroir-mural-vertical-collectivites meuble-miroir-led-distributeur-savon-eau-seche-mains-invisible Module miroir robinetterie intégrée pour hotel et restaurant robinet-automatique-integre-derriere-miroir
meuble-miroir-station-autoroutes-esso Module miroirs 3en1 station autoroutes seche-mains-encastre-derriere-miroir-robinet-savon


Equipement sanitaires pour collectivités hygiene-collectivites-lavage-mains-sans-contact
meuble-miroir-musee-louvre-supratech Module miroir 3 en 1 avec distance de sécurité COVID module-miroir-savon-eau-seche-mains-autoroutes


Accessoires sanitaires encastrables derrière miroir Maintenance facile sur modules miroir 3en1 SUPRATECH
Module miroir hauteur plafond pour toilettes publiques Module miroir anti-vandalisme pour espace sanitaire collectif Module robinet, distributeur de savon et sèche-mains électrique encastrable Module miroir savon eau air sur platine inox pour usage intensif Robinet électronique intégré module miroir pour lavabo collectif Module miroir 3en1 nurserie

Registered design EUIPO