Touch free and touch operated modular flush valve

infrared detection sensor for direct flush...
Réf. RES-121P2
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Kit chasse directe WC électronique automatique, par détection de présence ou approche de la mainKit chasse directe WC électronique automatique
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Option for fastening through a thick wall

Hygienic rinse


Touch-free and touch-operated modular flush valve for direct flush

- Infrared detection sensor, Proxi version at 700 mm (adjustable from 300 to 800 mm).
- Vandal-proof. Chromed brass body
- Solenoid valve 1 1/2”
- 1 second flush duration default value (adjustable by remote control RES-31)
- 9V battery housing or 230/9V transformer included.
- Low battery warning.
- Detection range adjustable manually.
- The remote control RES-31 allows to adjust the detection range, activation delay before user's departure, flush duration, anti-legionella or anti-freeze periodic rinse (option to notify when you pass the order), temporary cessation...
- 3 years guarantee. Pressure: 0,3 – 8 bar


 The different functioning modes:


PROXI Version (Ref. RES-121P)
Flush triggering at the user's departure, after a presence delay

TEMPO Version (Ref. RES-115T)
Flush triggering passing the hand (short detection)
TEMPO + PROXI Version (Ref. RES-121P2-T)
Intentional flush triggering passing the hand or at the user's departure, after a presence delay



detection-trough-the-wall          wc-flush-pipe  








Threaded extension though the wall
ref. RES-EXT for thick wall

 Flush pipe set
 Stop valve ref. S07291037

 Brass nipple M1 1/2''/ F1"
  with shut off valve ref. S09010014-1


- Antilegionella periodic rinse 24H
- RES-31 Remote control
- Set of pipes S07291037
- Stop valve S09010014-1
- 250 mm threaded extension for fixation though a thick wall
- Removable detection by the front, recessed installation
- IP68 RES-292 transformer
- IP67 transformer housing to feed from 1 to 3 faucets RES-291
- junction box to feed from 1 to 10 faucets RES-295