TOUCH FREE Electronic faucet

With nano infrared detection for cold or pre-mixed water...
Réf. RES-85
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Robinet électronique infrarouge TOUCH FREERobinet automatique design TOUCH FREE
Sales price: 234,00 €
Sales price without tax: 195,00 €
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TOUCH FREE Electronic faucet on ledge
Turns on automatically when user's hands are in the detection area

- Self-adjustable detection
- 9 V battery or 230/9V transformer power supply
- Low battery light indicator for replacement (low energy consumption,
  battery time life about 2 years or 250 000 cycles)
- Adjustable settings by remote control (flow time, detection range, temporary off)
- One-piece chromed brass body
- Lead free to contribute to a pure water supply 
- Excess flow valve 5 L/min, fixed aerator
- Safety stop after 90 seconds without interruption
- Solenoid valve M1/2” with filter
- Pressure: 0.5 – 8 bar. Solenoid valve. Max. temperature 70°C
- 3 year warranty. ACS. CE





- RES-31 remote control
- Brush finish (minimum quantity)

- Anti-legionella hygienic flush
- Limited flow rate 1,9L/min. or 3 L/min.
- IP68 transformer (ref. RES-292)
- 230/9V IP67 transformer to feed from 1 to 3 faucets (ref. RES-291).
   Allows a deported installation (false ceiling) and bare wires connexion without plug

- 230/12V IP 68 transformer to feed from 1 to 4 faucets (ref. RES-294)
- 230/12V junction housing to feed up to 10 faucets (ref. RES-295)
- Back up battery housing, for mains operated version (ref. RES-0320)




Dimensions RES-85 battery version

Dimensions RES-86 mains version