Matching touch free soap dispensers range

Wide range of automatic soap dispenser, touch-free, matching design with our electronic taps.
Simultaneous use of an electronic tap and electronic soap dispenser which reduces consumption costs to the exact quantity of soap and water needed to clean hands, for a fast investment return.

HYGIENE: Without any physical contact, protects user from spreading germs. Thanks to its peristaltic pump,
there is no direct contact between the pump mechanism and the soap, avoiding any contamination or backflow.

Drastically reduces the soap excess thanks its precise pump dosage,
with the exact soap quantity needed for a perfect hand wash. Usable with non-proprietary soap.

: Delivers a soap dose simply by approaching hands. Easy to install and to refill.

: Perfect shape harmony between soap and water taps.


The result is a perfect combination to avoid spreading germs in a public environment.

NEW: Automatic foam soap dispenser, for further savings and pleasure to use!