Photo High mirror and hand basin module 5 in 1 : soap - water - paper - hydroalcoholic gel - trash can RES-868
  • Miniature-0 High mirror and hand basin module 5 in 1 : soap - water - paper - hydroalcoholic gel - trash can RES-868
  • Miniature-1 Washbasin with mirror module for a complete hand washing and disinfection cycle RES-868
  • Miniature-2 Contact free hand washing, drying and disinfection cycle for communities RES-868
  • Miniature-3 Soap, water, paper towels and hydroalcoholic gel integrated behind mirror RES-868
  • Miniature-4 Hygienic and design Peakserve hand wash station with large paper dispenser capacity RES-868

Mirror unit and hand wash All-in-one

Complete hand hygiene quick and in silence!


€4,255.00 Net Price

Tax excluded
Soap version
Option led strip
Option fixed impost Height 1000 mm

Mirror unit 5in1 with sink and bin
including the automatic foam or liquid soap dispenser
, the electronic water tap with thermostatic mixing tap, the PeakServe hand paper towel dispenser and an automatic gel hand sanitizer dispenser.

To better the hygiene level, our new mirror unit with in particular a continuous hand paper towel dispenser instead
of hand dryers  = does not spread germs in the air, reliable to use and works without making noise.

Includes a gel hand sanitizer dispenser, for a complete hand disinfection.

Waste bin with a large opening and important capacity to collect the used hand paper towels.

Module miroir 5en1 pour collectivtés

Wall white sink with bin hatch and backsplash
Made in sanitary gel coat. Resin of an inorganic filler (>50%) & glass fiber. Monobloc, without ant joints and PRM accessible. No radius nor rounded inferior to 6 mm for an easy maintenance and perfect hygiene. Brackets included. Dim. W900 x D500 x H145 + backsplash 220 mm.

Waste bin box with door
Made in melamine Sorano Oak Light Egger H1334 ST9 with matching PVC edges.
Door on concealed hinges and closes by lateral lock and key.
Width: 290 mm x Depth: 470 mm x Height
: 605 mm

The mirror unit includes continuous paper towel dispenser system PEAKSERVE (TORK).

- This system uses compressed packets offering great capacity, avoiding running out of paper towels when peak periods.
- The packets are linked with each other by a scratch system, which allows a hand paper towel dispense without interruption. A paper towel is
   therefore always available and easy to seize.
- Saves on time thanks to a dispense in less than 3 seconds by the user – quicker than the pulsed air hand dryer.
- The hand paper towels have several uses: to wipe mouths, wipe door handles, lift buttons, avoid contact with other surfaces of public toilets...

Papier essuie-mains grande capacité Peakserve

A note from the Tork manufacturer:
Eco-Label and FSC paper, made with recycled paper and recyclable again.
For the Peakserve, the paper only makes one fold, there is little material.
From now to 2 years, this paper will be able to be a part of the Paper Circle program. We will be able to organize through a partnership, the  collection of used paper towels on sites and use them to produce toilet paper and to stay master of the entire paper life cycle.
Plus, the paper format 2 times more concentrated in 450 formats reduced by half le parcel size, and by extension, we put 2 times less lorries on the road for the transport.
Essity is part of the SCA group which deals with the sustainable use and part of the largest private forest in Europe in Scandinavia. For one tree cut, three are planted.
The FSC label stipulates that the products come from sustainable forest management.
The Hondouville warehouse in France products 100% of our products with recycled paper.

A - Water supply on thermostatic pre-mixing tap
B - Water temperature settings
C - Electrical supply
D - IP68 230/12V transformer
E - 7L tank
F - Automatic liquid or foam soap dispenser
G - Electronic tap
H - Grand capacity hand paper towel dispenser
I - Gel hand sanitizer dispenser
J - Lock

All components (solenoid valve, pump, sensors, transformer, shut-off valve, mixing valve…) easy to access for a quick and easy service.

Light-up pictogram (colours of choice between blue, white, red or green), vertical spouts and stainless steel nozzle on show to indicate where to place your hands.


    • Unit made out of white hydro melamine board 19mm, white PVC sides of 1mm and Komacel white door of 19 mm with mirror,
           swing up flap arms with braking effect and invisible hinges.
    • Clear mirror thickness 6 mm, the back has a safety film, polished edges.
    • Soap dispenser works with a peristaltic pump for an exact soap dose. Automatic shut-off without drippping.
    • Thermostatic mixing tap F3/8'' for warm water at a consistent temperature and an anti-scald security.
    • Vertical faucet with infrared sensor auto-adjustable flow 6 LPM (option 1,9 LPM).
    • Security off after 90 seconds of water running without interruption.
    • Water pressure: 0.5-8 bars.
    • Hand paper towel dispenser sheet by sheet PeakServe.
    • 3 year warranty, soap and gel dispenser 2 years. CE.
    • Unit dimensions standard W900 x D250 x H800 mm. Serial installation for collective wash basins.

pose-neuf-renovation-meuble-haut-miroir New or renovated installation


  • LED banner included in the unit above and/or underneath bandeau-leds-integreOnly white LEDS bandeau-leds-integre

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