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Post formed laminated support frame covering option

Post formed laminated support frame covering option or stainless steel covering for support frame HYGISEAT hung version.
Réf. SUP 1060
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Habillage stratifié du bâti-support GEBERIT/HYGISEATRéf. SUP1060
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Robust and simplified installation of
the wall hung toilet Automatic Hygienic HYGISEAT
with modular support frame covering, in lamintaed post formed ref. SUP1060
(imperishable, unbreakable, resistant to cigarette burns…)
or stainless steel covering ref. SUP1062

Numerous colour possibilities, surface motives and aspects!



 Laminated decor choic of the Polyrey range  Brush stainless steel covering
Décor au choix dans la gamme Polyrey  HYGISEAT-stainless-steel-covering


Dim. H 1170 x W 550 to 1000 x D 170 to 220 mm or tailor made

The set FRAME + COVERING + HUNG HYGISEAT allows to sipmlify installation and hides every technical elements (plumbing, electricity, fixations…)

  • Same congestion as a traditional installation

  • Easy maintenance

  • Aesthetical: no apparent pipe

  • No touch manual triggering

  • Clean seat, disinfected, dried after each use and, in option at the user arrival, organic cleaning product spreading, blue foaming product inside the bowl (option on ceramic or colour versions).

support-frame-installation        covering-installation wall-hung-wc-installation

Support frame installation

Post-formed stratified covering installation


 HYGISEAT-yellow-self-cleaning-toilet  PRM-logo

Covering with return on left and right side


Contrary to appearances,
the installation with self-supporting hung bowl on existing wall is not more cumbersome than a traditional installation.