Photo Extended stainless steel HYGISEAT self-cleaning wall-hung toilet for collective use SUP1106
  • Miniature-0 Extended stainless steel HYGISEAT self-cleaning wall-hung toilet for collective use SUP1106
  • Miniature-1 Automatic stainless steel HYGISEAT toilet, wheel chair access SUP1106
  • Miniature-2 Stainless steel hanging and self-cleaning desabled HYGISEAT toilets SUP1106

Self-cleaning wall mounted stainless steel HYGISEAT WC extended P.R.M

Length 700 mm for People with Reduced Mobility


€3,320.00 Net Price

Tax excluded

Self-cleaning HYGISEAT WC wall mounted stainless steel extended, accessible for People with Reduced Mobility
For collective usage toilets.

- Touch-free set-off, disinfects, dries the seat and toilet flush, after the user leaves.

- Rotation of the seat cycle: a water pressure wash mixed with Germibloc disinfectant product, drying the seat after each use.
- Cycle time: 12 seconds.


- Dual detection wall-mounted version ceramic or stainless steel.
- Automatic cycle set-off when user leaves, if the manual flush by hand approach isn't used.


- SaniAir odour extraction system for wall-mounted version.
- Filterless, effective system for the extraction of bad smells and odours directly from the source in the bowl and discharged into the waste pipes.
- Helps reduce ambient humidity and counteract the aerosol effect of flushing that spreads bacteria.
Scientific studies have shown that when a toilet flush is activated, it creates an aerosol effect, spreading germs and bacteria throughout the room. Analysis of initially sterile surfaces, including wall tiling, has revealed the presence of contaminated bacteria and viruses from this projection. Furthermore, research indicates that these germs are airborne for 2 hours, settling on random surfaces. A connection between inhaling these particles and respiratory infections - nasopharyngitis, bronchitis, tonsillitis - have been established.
- Ensures bathroom ventilation by preserving the warm air typically lost through wall suction systems. 
- OPTION N°1 "DUAL DETECTION" included. 

Total security
• 12 volt power supply by 230/12V external transformer.
• Immediate security turn-off of the device in case of an unusual movement.
• Manuel control button of the flush in case of a power cut.
• CE. Made in France.

Disinfectant product GERMIBLOC™ Réf. SUP1090
- Dry product presented in a plastic container of 72 g, easy to handle and store.
- You need to replace the Germibloc™ product, once the red light flashes and the device makes 3 beep sounds at the end of its cycle, every 1000 use (could vary).
- NFEN 1275 Fungicide standard - NFEN 1040 Bactericide standard

Set up on wall frame support and concealed tank GEBERIT/HYGISEAT (Réf. SUP1055)

Advantages of the HYGISEAT system:

  • It eliminates all contact with a dirty seat.
  • It eliminates all contact with a toilet flush button.
  • It reduces all odours and ensures sanitary conditions of public toilets.
  • It reduces maintenance time and all cleaning costs.
  • Ergonomic shape, without grabbing points for an easier clean; specially made to avoid splashes outside of the pan
          and to ensure a perfect hygiene throughout, without spreading bacteria.
  • Waterproof detection cell (100 hours submerged at 65° C), IP 67, insensitive to all vibrations and electric interference,
          also insensitive to light interferences.
  • Rugged for an intensive use, easy to clean and maintain upkeep.
Electrical supply
230/12V external transformer
Bacteriostatic AISI 304 stainless steel
Grey ABS seat
Stainless steel thickness
1,5 mm
Water inlet
Ø 55 mm
Ø 100 mm P-trap
Wall mounted
W415x D700 x H690 mm
3 years

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