Photo Urinal support frame with electronic faucet I-Caro in stainless steel DUS-51-KE
  • Miniature-0 Urinal support frame with electronic faucet I-Caro in stainless steel DUS-51-KE

Electronic urinal support frame ICARO

for sturdy urinal fixation


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Metallic support frame for urinals, with I-caro electronic faucet integrated for an automatic flush once the user departs.

When delivered, it's ready to be installed with the electronic faucet I-Caro and all the necessary accessories (not including the urinal).

Automatic flush after each use:
- Comfort: touch free function and unpleasant odour elimination (automatic flush)
- Total hygiene: avoids hands from spreading germs
- Saves on water: only the used urinal is flushed with individual sensor

Recessed urinal flush tap I-Caro
- Electronic activation by infrared detection
- 9V power supply or 230/9V transformer
- Stainless steel vandal-proof front type AISI 304 satin 140x140 mm
- Stop valve, solenoid valve and filters in the box
- Cold water inlet 3/4“ or 1/2'’. Pressure 0.5 – 8 bars.
- Anti-legionella 24 H hygienic flush.
  Maintains water in the s-trap, to avoid possible freezing in the waste pipes and eliminates potential stagnant water bacteria.
  Deactivation function by remote control.
- Low battery warning (battery version)
- Adjustment by remote control: detection length, time before activation, flush time, security stop delay, on/off.

Urinal support frame
- To be installed behind a wall, thin or solid
- C profile support frame in 40/40 mm
- Blue epoxy painting
- Support frame height 1140 to 1340 mm depending on the urinal
- Adjustable galvanized feet (rotative floor fixation)
- 2 threaded rods M8 for urinal fixation
- Angled outlet water pipe
  Delivered complete to assembly (except urinal)


Sensor range
600 mm (adjustable from 300 to 800 mm)
Electrical supply
Transformer 230/9V or Alkaline battery 9V
Solenoid valve
Recessed Solenoid valve box with stopcock (flow rate settings) and filter
Water inlet
M1/2'' or 3/4'' threaded
0.5 - 8 bars
Flush time
6 sec. pre-set. Adjustable from 3 to 20 sec.
Hygienic rinse anti-limescale
After 24 H without being used
Operation settings
Adjustable by remote control RES-31 : Detection sensitivity, flow time, interval rinse, temporary off...
3 years. CE.

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