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ONE automatic 2IN1 Matt Black faucet

a pure design, easy to use and install...


€575.00 Net Price

Tax excluded

Combines water and soap, the 2 in 1 ONE tap sublimes your sink by its elegance and its simplicity for a touch free use.

With its 35° refined curves, the concealed detection directly in the end of the spout and the soap accessible nearby the water, offers a comfortable and hygienic hand wash.

Another strong point, its quick single hole installation saves on space: avoids drilling a second hole, particularly useful on ceramic or renovation.

- For cold or premixed water.
- Powered by 9V battery or 230/9V transformer.
   Low energy consumption, batteries last around 2 years or 250 000 cycles. Indicator light when batteries need charging.
- On the transformer version, double electric supply solenoid valve with the space for a backup battery in the case of a power cut.
- Temporary off after 90 seconds of the water running non-stop.
- Adjustable settings by remote control RES-31 (detection sensitivity, drainage time, periodical rinse, temporary off...).

- Precise dose for a soap reduction consumption, stops without flow. 
- Robust brass body, chromed finish.
- 1L soap tank, with wall support.
- Power supply.

Powered by 230/12V included transformer (for battery version, please specify)

Innovative, functional, different, clean lines, made in high quality!


  • Remote control RES-31
  • Brushed, matt gold finish (minimum quantity)
  • Limited flow rate 1,9 LPM.
  • 230/12V IP 68 transformer to supply from 1 to 4 taps (ref. RES-294)
  • 230/12V junction box to supply up to 10 taps (ref. RES-296)
  • 6L soap tank to supply from 1 to 6 taps
Spout tip with self-adjusting infrared sensor
Electrical supply
230/12V external transformer
1 L tank (6 L option)
Liquid soap (viscosity 100 -3800 cPs)
0.7 to 0.9 cm³ depending on soap viscosity (adjustable by remote control)
Peristaltic pump
Security off
Solenoid valve
External M1/2'' with filter
Matt black
Water supply
For cold or pre-mixed water
0.3 - 8 bars
Max. temperature eligible
Flow rate
4 LPM (1.9 LPM upon request)
Hygienic rinse anti-limescale
After 24 H of non-use
Operation settings
Adjustable by RES-31 remote control: sensor range, flow time, periodic rinse, temporary stop...
3 years. CE. ACS.

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3d_rotation RES-57 (ifc)

3d_rotation RES-57 (obj)

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