Photo Washbasin frame support for RONDEO TRIO, with electronic water faucet, soap dispenser and hand dryer integrated RES-KE3-123
  • Miniature-0 Washbasin frame support for RONDEO TRIO, with electronic water faucet, soap dispenser and hand dryer integrated RES-KE3-123
  • Miniature-1  RES-KE3-123
  • Miniature-2  RES-KE3-123
  • Miniature-3 Electronic wall mounted faucets 3in1 RONDEO (water, soap and air) RES-KE3-123

RONDEO TRIO washbasin frame for soap water and air

robust and simplified installation


€1,547.00 Net Price

Tax excluded

Metal washbasin frame for RONDEO TRIO collection, with integrated electronic cold or premixed water faucets, electronic soap dispenser and hand dryer, available with an entirely brass or stainless steel body type AISI 316.


Supplies an exact soap and water quantity useful to washing hands, for a quick investment feedback.

The wall faucets are appreciated for the creation of a clean and sophisticated environment, but it requires a precise installation.
With the washbasin frame for the touch free water, soap and air, the installation is extremely simple and rugged.

The support frame allows for an easy, quick, and worry-free installation in a few steps: frame mounting, faucet and soap dispenser connexions, wall basin fixation; and it's finished!

Advantages :
- Allows a rugged and simplified installation.
- Minimizes water splashes on the floor and around the washbasin.
- Vandal proof fixation of spout on a metal frame.
- Drastic water and soap reduction consumption.
- Touch free. Participates to user protection against crossed contamination.
- Evacuation height, wash basin and adjustable faucets.
- Brings an electronic complete solution water, air and soap, also mounting elements (excluding the washbasin).

Technical characteristics :

- For wall thickness 40 mm maximum (70 mm optional).
- Washbasin frame adjustable 1140 to 1340 mm.
- Galvanized feet adjustable height 0-200 mm, rotating.
- Washbasin fixation distance from 60 – 360 mm.
- C profile in 40/40 mm. Blue epoxy paint.
- Protection cover for openings against humidity and dirt, to be cut depending on the wall thickness.
- Faucet infrared detection, adjustable at all moments by remote control RES-31: 
  detection sensitivity, security stop delay, hygienic flush, temporary off...
- Hand dryer power and volume adjustable by a button. Hepa filter.
-  3 year limited warranty, soap dispenser 2 years.

Delivered with:

Electronic soap dispenser RONDEO spout 150 mm - Electronic faucet RONDEO spout 170 mm – Hand dryer RONDEO spout 220 mm ; Evacuation ø 50 mm – Joint ø 44/32 mm – 2 threaded rods M10 for wash basin fixation and bolt covers– Floor and wall fixations.


  • Remote control settings RES-31
  • Water flow limit 3 LPM., 1,9 LPM. or 1,3 LPM
  • Version L water spout extended 220 mm, XL water spout 295 mm (soap 177 mm as an option)
  • Brushed stainless steel finish quality AISI 316. Matt black, matt gold (with minimum quantity)
  • Mixing tap
  • Periodical rinse anti-legionella
  • Transformer box to supply up to 10 faucets or soap dispensers (ref. RES-295)
  • Multiple supply kit: tank 6L. to supply from 1 to 6 soap dispensers (ref. RES-790)


Electronic faucet RONDEO

Installation Electric supply

Wall mounted or recessed with wall frame support 

Electric supply

12V transformer (for water and soap with power splitter)


0.5-8 bars

Water dispenser

Cold or premixed water 

Water flow 

6 LPM – as an option 3 LPM / 1,9 LPM / 1,3 LPM


Max 70°C

Security off 

After 90 sec. without interruption (adjustable by remote control)

Soap dispenser RONDEO


Wall mounted or recessed with wall frame support 

Electrical supply

12V transformer (for water and soap with power splitter)


1L. tank. Peristaltic pump for all types of liquid soap, detergent or gel hand sanitizer.

Soap quantity

Pre-set: 1.2 -1.6 cc (adjustable by remote control).


Soap initiation button on the pump or by remote control 

Hand dryer RONDEO


Wall mounted or recessed with wall frame support


1600 W adjustable (engine 350-700 W / resistance 450-900 W)

Voltage supply

200-240V 50-60Hz / 1,3-1,6 KW / 6.1-6.7 A


Automatic switch-off in case of an irregular use, more than 60 seconds.

Engine with security thermostat at 85° C.
Resistance stop by thermic fuse at 142°C.

Standby consumption

0.3 - 0.4 W

Security off

After 60 seconds without interruption or in case of overheating

Sensor range

170 mm ± 20, adjustable

Protection rating


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