Urinal with a concealed automatic rinse

Automatic urinal works by unique sensor technology:

1. Precise and perfect reaction
The system is only set off once the the urinal is used (the system doesn't detect movement around the urinal, but only the liquid movement on the urinal wall).

2. High resistance
System without a sensor in the water. The sensors can not be corrupted by the water, urine or chemical products.
The sensor is installed behind the ceramic in a clean and dry environment, which guarantees a longer life (up to 3 times longer than a standard product). For all electronics, we offer a 5 year warranty.

3. Aesthetic
Our concealed system does not distort the sanitary facilities design.
The whole sensor system is concealed behind the ceramic, no part is visible.

4. Anti-vandal
Because the automatic flush system is hidden behind the urinal, it can't be destroyed by people looking to vandal or by chemical products used by maintenance staff.

5. Saves on water
We use a special GEBERIT s-trap, which corresponds to our technology and allows a perfect rinse with 1 litre of water.
Rinse volume adjustable from 0.5L to 4L.

6. Easy to set up
Easy to set up thanks to a template which is provided.

7. Adjustable settings
The sensor settings can be adjusted thanks to the remote control SLD04 (without dismounting the urinal) =
sensitivity - flush time - interval rinse - stop/start.

8. Automatic hygienic rinse after 6 hours without being used.

9. Anti-flow security

10. Different solutions to supply electricity
The most common solution is the RS 24V c.c. version for electrical supply by an external transformer (allowing a supply of up to 9 urinals, depending on the electrical type chosen).
The second solution is the RZ 230 V c.a. version (transformer included in the sensor system).
The third version is RB by 6V batteries (to be used only in places where electricity is not available).

11. CE compliant
European components of high quality.

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