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SMART automatic counter top hand dryer

complementary to the water and soap faucet


€875.00 Net Price

Tax excluded

The SMART automatic hand dryer for washbasins is designed to take up minimal space and provide fast, efficient drying times.

It generates a flow of hot air for optimal user comfort.
Matching as a trio with the wall-mounted faucet and soap dispenser, this all-in-one set improves hygiene, and simplifies hand washing and drying.
SMART hand dryer is available in chromed brass or in high resistance brushed AISI 316 stainless steel. 

  • Easy to dry hands right after washing
  • Water drops directly into the sink, simplifying the cleaning process
  • Design to be integrated in all sanitary facilities
  • Power and volume are adjustable
  • HEPA filter

Perfect combination with the SMART water (Ref. RES-15) and soap (Ref. RES-32) faucets for a 3 spout matching set above the sink, ensuring a complete hand washing cycle.


  • RES-31 remote control 
  • Matte black, PVD matte gold Antique Bronze, and PVD Copper finishes (contact us) 
Self-adjusting infrared
Sensor range
170 mm ± 20 mm, adjustable
Adjustable from 80 to 450 mm
Voltage supply
220-240 V 50/60Hz. 6.1-6.7 A. 1.34 – 1.6 KW.
Electrical insulation
Class I
Protection rating
Standby consumption
0.3 - 0.4 W
Security off
Shut-off after 90 seconds of uninterrupted use or in case of overheating
Automatic shut-off if used irregularly for more than 60 seconds
Engine with security thermostat at 95° C
Thermal fuse stops heating element at 142°C
Chrome brass
Matte Black (limited quantity, please contact us)
Matte Gold (limited quantity, please contact us)
1450 W adjustable (350-650 W motor / 450-800 W heating element)
Air speed
75 - 100 m/s adjustable
Drying time
Less than 30 seconds
Sound level
Min. 70 dB – max. 73.7 dB
Operation settings
Adjustable by RES-31 remote control: sensor range, drying time, security shut-off time, temporary stop (cleaning)
Faucet Ø42 x D216 x H205 mm
Motor housing W200 x D185 x H319 mm
3 years

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