Photo Thermostatic mixing tap 3/8'' (12/17) RED-G1
  • Miniature-0 Thermostatic mixing tap 3/8'' (12/17) RED-G1

Thermostatic pre-mixer multi-position 3/8"

with swivel base to ease the connection


€75.50 Net Price

Tax excluded

Thermostatic regulator ensures the distribution of mixed water at a constant temperature, depending on the chosen temperature (regardless of the pressure fluctuations, the flow or the installation temperature) above all the faucets needing a mixed water supply (wash basins, showers, in collective facilities or domestic usage)

- Sanitary installations at a drawing point
- Anti-scald security in case of cold water failure

Strong points:
- Solid brass CW617N
- Robust and compact
- Factory settings 38°C
- Wax element
- Brass draw coating PTFE
- Flaps DN10

pre-mitigeur-thermostatique-reglable-sur-site-RED-G1 RED-G1-mitigeur-thermostatique-multiposition RED-G1-dimensions-regulateur-thermostatique
Solid brass
Supply distance
Up to 16 bars
Max. temperature eligible
80 °C
38°C factory settings
from 30 to 50°C
Flow rate
10 litres/minute at 3 bars

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