Photo Urinal design automatic wall mounted ANTERO S20RZ
  • Miniature-0 Urinal design automatic wall mounted ANTERO S20RZ
  • Miniature-1 Urinal high range electronic ANTERO automatic flush S20RZ
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Automatic urinal with concealed radar detection ANTERO

ergonomic and anti-splash


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Designed for public sanitary spaces with high attendance.
With its design shape, this 1-liter suction urinal allows you to save on water and to eliminate unpleasant smells.

Easy maintenance particularly adapted for public wash rooms: removable s-trap by the top after unlocking with a special key, to simplify water pipe access without any dismounting required for the urinal cleaning.

Up to now, overall in places highly frequented such as motorway services, or restaurants, you had to dismantle urinals to eliminate the waste in the water pipes or to change the s-trap.
That is not necessary with the ANTERO, which, thanks to its revolutionary technique, the urinal can be maintained safety without having to be dismounted. This way the s-trap can be pulled out by the top.
The water pipes, are therefore easily accessible and can eliminate blockage or dirt.
This is an undeniable advantage, particularly in areas such as public sanitary, where ease and speed cleaning means costs reductions.

removable siphon urinal

- Economical 1 L flush, uniform flush inside the bowl and on the rear wall
- Ergonomic shape, closer in the front. Bowl particularly deep and anti-shape of the rear wall
- Easy assembly with the template included
- Activation only when the urinal is used (takes into consideration the urine or water movement)
- Adjustable flush duration from 0,5 to 15,5 sec.
- Minimum use time adjustable before flushing from 6 to 15 sec.
- Adjustable settings by SLD04 remote control (no need to disassemble the urinal)
- Automatic flush after 6 hours without use
- Possibility to adjust the flow by a stop valve
- Water s-trap refill after each flush

Automatic urinal ANTERO collectivities


  • Remote control SLD04
  • Transformer box 230/24V by electrical supply SPZ07 (ref. SPZ07)
  • Transformer box 230/24V to supply 1 urinal SPZ06 (ref. SPZ06)
  • Transformer box to supply up to 5 urinals SPZ02 (ref. SPZ02)
  • Transformer box to supply up to 9 urinals SPZ01 (ref. SPZ01)
  • On request rail DIN transformer
Radar concealed behind the ceramics
Electrical supply
External transformer 230/24 V or mains 230 V
10 W on 24 V
White ceramics
Water inlet
M1/2'' threaded
Ø 50 mm
1-6 bars
Flow rate
12 LPM.
Flush volume
1 L (adjustable 0.5 to 4 LPM.)
Operation settings
Adjustable by remote control SLD04 : Detection sensitivity, flow time, interval rinse, temporary off...
Electronic 5 years

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