Deck mounted electronic taps

Electronic taps touch free deck mounted:

  • Saves on water, saves on money : the water only flows whilst washing your hands, minimizing water use to the strict necessary and reducing drastically in energy consumption for hot water
    Saves 70 % of water consumption on a classic tap compared to 30 % on temporized push button taps. Saving up to 80 % with hot water costs.
  • Optimal hygiene : touch free operation, prevents bacteria from spreading.
    The tap isn't touched, it stays clean.
  • Anti-vandal : robust to use in public communities. The electronic taps work without a lever or controls, potentially breakable.
  • Comfortable and simple to use, especially for people with reduced mobility, elderly people and children.
  • Reliability proven in electronics.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Manufacturing certified ISO-9001.